Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hype and Reality

Although the eclipse was to be 99.3% in our area, it appeared more like the darkening skies before a rain storm. Initially, two of my neighbors and I anticipated the hype surrounding the total eclipse of the sun might actually yield something spectacular, even though we fell out of the total blackout path.

The lampposts in my community sensed that it was nearing evening even though it was just 1pm, the insects began their chirping, and we could feel a slight drop in temperature. But, alas, it was not our fate to experience the majesty of the event. Heavy cloud cover prevented us from even a peek at the moon crossing between the earth and sun.

So, for the three of us who donned chairs by the community mailbox and looked skyward, the hype didn't meet our expectations. But, it was reality and certainly did meet, and even exceed, that of others.

I guess we could equate that somewhat to faith. Sometimes we maybe expect too much, but that doesn't mean that it's wrong to do so, or won't happen − just maybe not for us. Take for instance the prayers for a miracle cure for a loved one (been there, done that). It's disappointing and sometimes disparaging not to bear witness to it, but there are still many miracles that happen all around us.

It's easy to hype our expectation, but when the outcome is not what we wanted or anticipated, we have to remember that it still doesn't negate the reality that it can and does happen. I think that is what faith in prayer is all about answers are sometimes, yes; sometimes, no; and sometimes, not for us but for others.

I won't be here in approximately 100 years when the total eclipse again occurs in my area, but there are other locations where the total eclipse will occur as early as in 2024. I'd love to see it personally, but even though I probably won't, I know the hype (just like prayers) will still be reality for some.

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  1. Took me a while to get to this, Vicki, but it is an excellent piece that makes the reader think. That's always the goal of a writer. Good job.